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How To Use Lost buddy


Lost Buddy Original Rub can be used on any grilled, roasted, or sauted meats or vegetables. Sprinkle liberally over heartier cuts of meat (pork shoulder, steaks, chicken, loins, etc) and let sit for about 45 minutes at room temperature before cooking.


For more delicate meat, such as shrimp, fish or beef filets, sprinkle liberally but only let sit for about 10 minutes. This works especially well with steelhead trout or salmon. For vegetables, use just like you would salt and pepper, and enjoy the nuanced flavor of Lost Buddy that you would otherwise be missing.


Our dry rub can also be used to make delicious quick pickles, top your popcorn, kick up your Bloody Mary, or even add a savory bite to fruit, especially watermelon. It's normal for Lost Buddy Rub to clump up a bit in the bottle, just make sure you give it a good shake before use!